This poem was part of my daughter’s school work last week. I loved the way it communicates the truth of Matthew 6:25-34 “Do Not Worry”. We have a GOOD Father who loves us, sees our daily needs, and moves to meet them. I was thinking about the provisions we have in this country to address physical ailments. For example, I’ve suffered from kidney stones several times in the past few years. I am so grateful for the doctors and treatments available. There is a young, expectant mother in my Bible study who had a kidney stone last week. I have a friend who battles an auto-immune disease. Another who is struggling with depression in dark and difficult circumstances. So many needs; our Father sees them all. He is an ever-present Help, Comforter, the Lifter of our heads. I pray this poem blesses you today in whatever worry you may have. 


The lilies of the field

whose bloom is brief;

We are as they;

Like them we fade away

as doth a leaf.



The sparrows of the air

of small account;

Our God doth view;

Whether they fall or mount,

He guards us too.



The lilies that do

neither spin nor toil,

Yet are most fair:

What profits all this care

And all this coil?



The birds that have no barn

nor harvest–weeks;

God gives them food:

Much more our Father seeks

To do us good.

-Christina Rossetti