Freely Received, Freely Given

“Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:11).

Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. His gifts are not meant to be hoarded. They are meant to be shared with a hurting world.  The more I observe about life, the more I realize that everyone suffers in some way. Suffering takes many forms, but it is a universal experience we share.

When Jesus sent the disciples out, he told them to go empty-handed. The workers went forward with only themselves to give. He told them not to consider their own needs or take along extra supplies. Jesus said a worker is worth his keep.

I’ve been thinking about that in relationship to this calling He has given me to write. How I have struggled with doubt and insecurity; how many times I’ve been stymied in my efforts to give. Hampered by own shortcomings. I have a quote taped to my computer to remind me daily. It says, “Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination”.  I’ve spent a lot of time polishing the pearl, hiding the light underneath the bowl. This blog is an attempt to get more intentional about giving freely.  It definitely has put me out there in doing the work of sharing the Gospel. I pray for the faith to keep my hand to the plow and not look back…or around at the multitude of distractions. It is bad enough to have internal hang ups, but when you add the external stuff it can be overwhelming on some days.

In the spirit of giving, I decided to add a page to my website. The page is called “Take heART” and will have some of my artwork to share. I will update the art regularly with some of the newest things I am working on. This whole art journey is a crazy love gift from God, so I felt the best thing to do is to share it freely in the hope that it will, in some small way, encourage others. You can share this post or my artwork by using the sharing buttons at the bottom of the page. If you want to check out the page, you can click this link:

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field” (Luke 10:2).

I bring my small gifts before the Lord of the harvest, asking for more to join in His work. Whatever you have received, give it back in loving and serving others in His name. May you be blessed beyond measure today as you take that step of faith. Pay no attention to how small or seemingly insignificant it is in your estimation. Go! Let your light shine before others, so they may praise your Father in heaven.