Learning to Rest

Rest has been a big theme for me lately. Probably because I am so exhausted. I posted this picture today on Facebook. If you haven’t already, go to my page “Faith Miner’s Daughter” and click “like” there. I try to post at least one picture there a week, and I don’t necessarily post them on my blog unless they are part of a larger post. I’ve been experimenting with special effects and photo editing. I am really enjoying combining a simple image with a message from Scripture. You can do so much cool stuff for free nowadays. Consider it visual encouragement for the journey. I like visuals, hope they bless you too!

Below are the lyrics to a song I have always loved. And it goes perfectly with this theme of learning to rest. Resting in God is a process. For some of us, a long one. Not that I am projecting my stuff onto you or anything (smile). There was a time when being a “type A” personality was considered an asset. Sigh. Those days are long gone. It’s funny how something I used to be so proud of has become such a royal pain about me. I’ve always been told I am a “self-starter”. Someone who “takes initiative” and is “driven”. I can laugh on most days, except for the ones when it is not funny. I’ve discovered there are better labels to describe me. Like “spas” (as in spastic)  or “neurosis”.  I know. I drive myself nuts too. 

Let the words of this song wash over you with the truth of Christ, who says to you, “Come to me, all who are weary…and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). I intend to take Jesus up on that offer, if I can ever figure out how to unwind. And slow down. Slow and steady wins the race. I am learning to rest in turtle speed…one tiny but determined step at a time.

Jesus, You are my Shepherd  —  You lead my by quiet waters
Restoring my soul, making me whole
Jesus You are my Savior  —  You came and rescued me
Cutting my chains, setting me free     
Now, I’m learning to rest — I am learning to rest in You 
I am learning to rest — I am learning to rest in You
Jesus You are my peace giver  —  You calm the fears in my mind              
Taking my hand, pulling me close                                                                 
Jesus You are my healer  —  You’re not afraid of my shame     
Touching my wounds, washing me clean    
Now, I’m learning to rest — I am learning to rest in You       
I am learning to rest — I am learning to rest in You
Artist: Michael Hansen, Vineyard Music

2 thoughts on “Learning to Rest

  1. I need a cave too! :) I understand totally. Thanks for your insightful comments. Love, Robyn

  2. It is hard to find rest during the rat race. If it is not one thing, is another. Sometimes I wish there was a cave where I could hide, and rest for a few. I remember my grandma saying when I was little: “I want to disappear, find a place in the world where nobody will ever find me again.” Now, years later. I understand what she meant.
    I just watch a TED Talk where a guy said that you measure happiness we should ask people how satisfied they are with how they spend their time.
    What I have noticed is that when we spend time doing what God has created us to do, time slows down. There is where I find my rest, one minute at a time. I need to ask God to help me guide my choices and priorities towards those moments.
    Thank you Robyn for another great inspiration. Love you.

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