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Mercy House

What would you do if you lived in a place where your life was threatened just because you were born a girl?  This is a reality for girls all over the world. Girls just like us but born into a less privileged and protective culture. Girls born in hostile places; where their safety is at stake. Where they are systemically compromised and vulnerable. Unloved and devalued; subject to a merciless cycle of poverty and unspeakable violence. Being a girl can be a dangerous thing, deadly even.

What can I do about this? I’ve asked myself that question. I am just one person living my blip of a life in a small nook of the world. How can I make a real difference in the face of such pandemic injustice? How can I make a concrete, tangible contribution to improve the lives of real girls? Girls just like us; who daily face a living hell we cannot fathom. 

I stumbled across a small answer recently when I first learned about Mercy House Kenya through Ann Voskamp’s website. Her plea was to buy a prayer bracelet. To spend a nominal $10 and receive a simple, twine bracelet worn on my wrist to remind me to pray for the girls and their babies. The girls living at Mercy House were mostly found on the streets of Kenya, abandoned and pregnant. Many of their pregnancies resulting from sexual violence. This tangible symbol tied on my body won’t let me shut my eyes to the harm done to theirs. It interrupts my comfortable daily life with a continuous cry for justice. Buying this trinket is a small thing – the least I could do. But it is something. And it does matter, especially to the girls and their babies. The $10 goes directly back to Mercy House to supply them the resources they need to clothe, shelter, and minister to these girls.

I decided I could do even more. So, I purchased a ministry kit of 25 bracelets. My daughter, Chloe, put them together in one evening; sitting comfortably at her own desk, in her safe house, where she is loved and valued. We taped up pictures of the girls and their babies; committing as a family to pray for them, and do what we can to make a difference in their real lives. 

I have bracelets available, about 18 or so left from the kit. Would you consider buying one? The cost is $10 and your commitment to join us in prayer. The bracelets are meant to be temporary; to fall off naturally after a period of time. My prayer is your bracelet will stay on long enough to impress the plight of these girls upon your hearts. If you’ve ever felt devalued because you are a girl, now is a chance to speak up. To take action on their behalf is to speak also for yourself, because these girls are just like us. 

Leave me a comment on this post if you would like to buy a bracelet, or email me at

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  1. Thank you, Robyn for bringing attention to this travesty. I am glad that people like you continue to bring this to the forefront to keep it front of mind, lest we forget in our daily busy lives. I would love to buy a bracelet. Tell Chloe she is doing the Lord’s work and I love her heart to serve Him!

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