A heART Journey Begins

Art is more fun when you have someone to share it with. I am getting to know more artists online as part of my e-book purchase. (If you missed that post, click here to see what I am talking about!) We have formed a supportive online community to spur one another one in our artistic endeavors. As part of this, we began an art challenge today to create 101 pieces of art in 101 days.

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My actual goal is much less than this. I would be happy with 2 pieces per week, and writing counts too! I have been praying about the challenge, asking God how I should approach it. I feel led to go back to more art journaling rather than the pressure to create canvas on demand. I see this more as a devotional time with God, and hope to begin more days this way over the summer. I will be praying, painting, and playing to create real-time “messages of faith” to share with all of you.

I guess that means, in a way, you are all on this journey of heART with me. And like I said, art is better when shared with friends.

So, today we begin, friends.  And what better place to start than the beginning? This is my first painting from my heART journal. I am calling her “Child of God”. She is me. She is you. She is every woman who knows of the ancient love of God. If you look closely as her dress, you will see the words of the hymn, “Tell Me the Old, Old Story” (of Jesus and His love). The image of Jesus and the child is from my mother’s small pocket Bible when she was a little girl. That makes this one very special to me. I added some digital effects to the photo to make it look aged, which goes with the story she tells. The old, old story of Jesus and His love for you.DSCN2517vintage

Journey deep into His timeless love for you, and discover the joy of knowing, and being known.

“Tell me the old, old story of unseen things above,
Of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His love.
Tell me the story simply, as to a little child,
For I am weak and weary, and helpless and defiled.

Tell me the same old story when you have cause to fear
That this world’s empty glory is costing me too dear.
Yes, and when that world’s glory is dawning on my soul,
Tell me the old, old story: “Christ Jesus makes thee whole.”

Take heart, daughter! Your faith has made you well. Who do you know that needs the reminder today she is loved? Eternally. Even before she knows it internally. Share this post to spread the art love. And don’t forget to leave me a comment. What does the old, old story of Jesus and His love mean to you? I would love to hear your story.

<3 Robyn





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  1. Thanks, Terri ….yes, exciting times! So glad we’re connected. <3

  2. This is wonderful Robyn. Such a rich piece with so much meaning and truth. Can’t wait to see what this next few months have in store for us all. :)

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