My Week in Art

The first week of the art challenge is behind me. I’ve been busy making lots of art, and loving it. As part of this, I am making some changes to my blog. You may have noticed them already. But I thought I’d give you a run down and share a couple of my pieces from the week.

First, I updated my blog banner, which is the image on the home page. I wanted it to reflect more of my art but still keep the girl walking image. I am SO thrilled with how well this turned out. What do you think?? (Look up to the top of the page to see it).

I added a page called “My heART journal”, which is where I will add step-by-step projects from my art journal. I tried this last week for the first  time, and the response has been great! Thank you! If you missed it, click A Rainbow is a Promise to see more about this.

I changed the “Take HeART” page to “Take heART Gallery”. This is still where I will post my latest artwork. There are links to the art pieces available for sale in my Etsy shop. Click the links under the image to go to my shop to see more pictures and details for that piece. Click Take HeART Gallery to see more about this.

I updated the sidebar along the right hand side of my home page. I made it easier for new people to subscribe to my blog by putting it first, at the top. Please share Faith Miner’s Daughter with friends, and anyone you think you be interested in receiving posts about growing in faith or art. I also changed my archives. This is where you can find older posts. It is now a drop down list, where you can select the month you would like to see. I like this because it takes less space, and tells you how many posts I had that particular month. There is still a search at the top right of the page so you can search for older posts by title too. I added a link to top posts and pages for convenience, and added the number of Facebook likes for my page. If you haven’t liked my page yet on Facebook, click Faith Miner’s Daughter to go do that! Finally, I added a list of artists participating in the ART 101 challenge. There are links there so you can easily click to their sites and see lots of fantastic artwork!

Whew! I think that covers it. Today, I have been working on a piece called, “Arise, Shine”. This is one of my life verse’s, “Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you” (Isaiah 60:1).


Here is a close up with some effects to look like light shining on her,


Here is the one I finished yesterday, “Take Heart”. This one is part of my new banner but you can’t see the whole image. So, here it is! And this one is now for sale on Etsy, I also ordered a sample of this one as note cards. I added Matthew 9:22 inside, “Take heart, daughter. Your faith has healed you”. I cannot wait to see what they look like!! I hope to start selling cards with my artwork very soon. Stay tuned for that!!!


One more to share for today, this one is called “Be Happy Together”. I think this would make a unique wedding gift. It is also available in my Etsy shop.DSCN2733bestTake heART,

<3 Robyn



4 thoughts on “My Week in Art

  1. Sweet, Julia! Your banner looks amazing and I love your fabric journals…I was just looking at them on Etsy. It is SO fun to take heART together. :)

  2. Love all that you’ve been doing! So comforting to share this journey with others as I have taken very similar steps this week. :) The bright effect on the arise one looks fabulous and your banner helped inspire the one I did today! Thank you!!!

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