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Notice and Disclaimer: This post includes an exclusive offer at the end for my blog subscribers. Please be sure to read all the way there. I apologize for being wordy, but felt it was important to share with you the progression in arriving at this historical moment.

Writers write, Robyn. That’s what my friend, Jackie, told me one afternoon, on our way back to the office from our usual lunch hour visit. It was a strange time for me. I was a director in a big corporate job by day, but my mind was consumed with aspirations pulling me in a new direction. A scary direction. But also, on some kind of subconscious level, beyond my ability to say, a good direction. I knew that internally, and the peace I had opened the door to change.

And there has been a lot of that. The last ten years have been marked by significant personal and professional changes. I am ready to get off the change train, if you can appreciate that. I think I missed my stop. Except there is no real exit, when the changes are inside you. I have been an emotional roller coaster, riding the highs and lows of change.

I felt compelled to write about this process of change – of leaving the old me, and becoming this new, a little “out there” me. But I wrestled with my story. I have struggled to tell it plainly, to be vulnerable and real. I’ve doubted the significance of telling it at all. See, I had become an expert at hiding. At being who I had to be, instead of who I really was. Or at least who I am slowly becoming now.

That is, now that God broke into my hot mess, and started changing me. More like uncovering me, from the mountain of baggage I was buried in. So, I wrote down my story. The first time I spoke parts of it was at a women’s retreat in 2005. But only the safe parts. I spun it into an inspirational message about faith. These were the first glints of gold at what eventually became Faith Miner’s Daughter.

And then there’s the name, Faith Miner’s Daughter. A real stumbling block to me. A super smack down between my ego and fear of man. What will others think? Do I want to be known as a Loretta Lynn parody? How do you explain and defend a name to others that you don’t even understand yourself? I know I did not make up that name. God called me by it. I know because I’ve tried to give it back, many times.

The blog has helped. It is, at least, directionally correct. And on mission. I did call it Faith Miner’s Daughter – bonus. Funny (and true) story: I was trying to think up all these serious and important names for my blog. I had just finished reading A.W. Tozer’s book, A Crucified Life on the theme of the Cross. You know, “denying self and taking up your Cross”, etc. I came up with a “Marked Life” and stuff like that. One day, as I was over thinking this (again), I heard God say, “But you already have a name, its Faith Miner’s Daughter”. Oh yeah, that. I was trying to forget. I did eventually get past the name, and on with the mission God has given me.

I wrote my story in book form in 2010. I tried to self-publish in 2012, but was stopped in the process. It has not been difficult to discourage me in this work because, at my core, there is part of me that hasn’t wanted to release the story at all. Ever. Self-preservation is an insurmountable mountain, apart from God.

And let me tell you, God is enough. He is big and strong enough to move your mountain. I know, because he continues to push and prod me to move mine. Recently, I had a breakthrough in this. I had shelved my book, wondering if I would even publish it. The book, of course, is entitled, Faith Miner’s Daughter. But a couple of months ago, I received a subtitle in a prayer time. Does it sound crazy to you for me to say that I heard God say, “From Tough Girl to Treasure, a Story of Redemption”? Me too, but I have already established that crazy is possible, even probable, in my case. But, crazy or not, I am too far into this thing to turn back now. And then, just a few weeks ago, I felt God leading me to publish the book again. This time as an e-book, and to give it away to you, my blog subscribers.

There is part of me that is ecstatic to finally know the purpose for this book after all these years of struggle. There is still some anxiety there, but that same internal peace is greater than my fear, just like before. And I know that peace opens the door to change. A door I am ready now to walk through. And, all of this makes sense: my story, the name, the struggle; when I look back. My story has always been a witness of God’s redeeming love, steadfast mercy, and the glorious riches of His grace. A witness to help other women stuck in their underground fortresses, what I have metaphorically dubbed “the mountain”. Locked into the prison of self, mounted up from your own life experiences – the things that have shaped who you are now; that you have internalized, and allowed to define you.

I see God’s hand in the timing. My time to speak is now, and launch out into the fuller ministry of Faith Miner’s Daughter. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you have walked this road with me – this life journey of faith, hope, and love. Thank you for being a subscriber and supporter through these years. Thank you for reading what I have to say, and for every encouragement you have given me. It takes a village, right? Thank you for being part of my tribe in raising Faith Miner’s Daughter to life.

I have an exclusive offer for you, my friends and sojourners. I would like to send you a free, preview copy of my story before I release it on Amazon. There will be a cost for the book there, so this is only for you, my peeps. And I need your help. My book will be buried in millions of e-books out there. The publishing “experts” say it is important to build good customer reviews early because they help increase your book in the rankings. I will send my book to you now, free of charge, in exchange for your commitment to read it in the next 30 days, and leave me a customer review on Amazon. I don’t expect overly inflated ratings (although they are lovely too), but I do hope you will be gracious. I have heard glowing 4 and 5 reviews are wonderful, but an honest 3 has done more to sell more copies. I need to hear from you by June 30th for you to be included in this preview offer. Comment “sign me up” below, send me an email, message me on Facebook, call me, text me. Basically, get a hold of me through any of the established channels to let me that you’re in. I do hope you will join me in this, crazy, exciting time!

It is time to move mountains! Here is a trustworthy saying, I am living proof that nothing is impossible with God.
Faith Miner’s Daughter (the author formerly known as Robyn)

12 thoughts on “A Time to Speak

  1. Robyn,
    I would love to read your book and give a review. I often share your blog with friends who could use the encouragement as well.
    Best wishes and many prayers on this new adventure.

  2. Robyn,
    I’ve been waiting for this day! So excited to read your book!

  3. Robyn I would love to be one of your reader’s. I know a little of your story and would love to know more. Your story has helped me and others in ways we would have never thought. Many Blessing have made there way to you and many more are to come. Love you My sister Of Christ!

  4. Wow! Giving me chills…. especially since I completely identify with your story and experience… I have been on a very similar journey and have also been hiding and writing (because I can’t help it!). And recently starting to tell bits of my story and take off the mask(s). Good for you!!! Embracing the vulnerability and choosing to be seen takes an enormous amount of courage. Keep it up! Best wishes to you, Robyn! I’m in. :)

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