Faith Miner’s Daughter is Live!


I have been in labor for the past twelve hours. Pacing the floor, wringing my hands, and checking my messages for word of delivery as my book went through the Amazon publishing process. It was pure joy to receive confirmation, “Your book is now live in the Kindle store”. I felt like I should pass around cigars or something. Bubblegum cigars, of course. This is a non-smoking facility.

It’s a girl!

She is finally here, after all this time! Longest pregnancy on record, but the actual delivery was a breeze. I still can’t believe how easy it is to publish a book. Crazy.

If you agreed to read/review the book, I would appreciate it if you could complete that step in the next week, if possible.  It is an easy process on Amazon. There is a button on the bottom of the page in the Amazon store that says, “leave customer review”. Just click there, pick a star, and leave me a few comments. I really appreciate your support! Anyone who has ever read my story over the years is welcome to review it now. I know some of you read it along the way as we’ve walked through life together. That counts too.

Some of you have expressed an interest in buying the book. You can purchase it directly on Amazon to download to your Kindle, ipad, or iphone. Some have asked if they need to have a Kindle to get the book. No, you do not. Amazon has a free reading application you can download right from their site, on the same page where you view my book (link below). Each purchase and review helps increase my visibility in the Kindle store ranking. Thank you for your help!

In the next few weeks, I will be learning ways to market my book. This is a huge learning curve with potential to overwhelm. So for today, I am celebrating this milestone. Taking a day to acknowledge its significance, experience the joy, savor the moment.

Thank you for sharing in my joy. And now, let me introduce you to my beautiful, bouncing baby girl (I can’t resist a metaphor!) :

Faith Miner’s Daughter

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