I am so excited to share this new batch of necklaces with you! I used a higher quality laser image and paper this time, and the results are stunning (if I do say so myself). I am SO happy with how well these came out.

I made limited quantities to see which ones are the most popular. I will be posting them individually with pictures in my Etsy shop for $20 + tax/shipping. *Free shipping locally, if you live by me. :) But wanted to give you a preview and first dibs.

Here is a group picture of many of the different styles:


First come, first serve. I am willing to mix/match ribbons if you want a different color and I have one in stock. Here is a picture of my favorites. I absolutely love these!! They are Made New, Love Came Down, Rooted in Love, and Arise (in that order left to right):



**I only have ONE of each of these favorites, except Rooted in Love (I have FOUR). I have FOUR of Take Heart Cross, THREE Faith girls, THREE Believe angels, ONE Try Your WIngs girl, and ONE Overcomer (breast cancer symbol on her chest). I also have ONE Rectangle pendant of the Made New girl.

I will take custom orders, please send me a message or start a conversation with me on Etsy.

Take heART!

<3 Robyn



6 thoughts on “Necklaces!

  1. Sounds good, Julia. Yes, that is one of my favs too. Sure, I can share my process. :)

  2. Might have to have one of those rooted in love ones! :) <3 Any chance you'll share your secret and teach me how to make these lovelies. 😉

  3. Yes, Liz…you can even pick the ribbon color. Call or text me to stop by to pick one in person! :)

  4. Tracy, sold! You were the first responder…Love Came Down is a favorite! Call or text to coordinate pick up. :) Thanks!

  5. Hey Robyn,
    Love the jewelry… I would like the Love came down pendant.. very beautiful.
    Can pick it up sometime this week/weekend.. Love ya, Tracy

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