Take heART: Change is Good

I am continuing my “dealing with change” theme this week, and thought I’d share a journal page from this morning. I made this for my daughter, Chloe, to encourage her to see change more positively. I got a box of new art supplies in the mail this week, so it’s a bit like Christmas in July over here right now. :)


This is my first attempt at creating a face with Shiva Oil Sticks . I am AMAZED at how well they blend to create instant shadows and depth on a face. I am singing the Lego song in my head, “Everything is AWESOME!” I absolutely love these things! I also continue to experiment with the Neocolor II crayons . Her clothes, hair, eye color, and the pink background were all created with the magical water brush over the crayon. I say magical because I am still so fascinated by how the color comes to life with a tiny drop of water. Where have these been all my life? Everything is REALLY awesome now!  My husband doesn’t share my excitement over art supplies. I am hoping someone out there gets what I am saying. Super exciting!

I asked Chloe, “Do you think it hurts for a caterpillar to become a butterfly?” She didn’t appreciate my question so much because it causes us to reflect on change. God designed us for change. Why resist God’s design? Two things to think about: the caterpillar always becomes the butterfly, even if it hurts, or he didn’t want to, and a butterfly has wings to go where the caterpillar never could.

Change is good.

Take heART,

<3 Robyn





2 thoughts on “Take heART: Change is Good

  1. Liz, that’s hilarious! :) I am SO glad you can relate. I’ve been thinking about that Take HeART class I’ve been wanting to have…I need to get that together…and you have to come! You can bring all your scrapping stuff and your artsy friend. :)

  2. I can relate to getting new art things!! Whenever I get new Scrapbooking stuff it does make me smile! A friend of mine opens up her box of new scrapbook stuff just to smell the paper! She loves that smell! It’s the artsy side of us!

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