Behind the Art: Why I Do What I Do

People have asked me where all this art stuff originated. Up until a couple years ago, I was better known for leading worship, Bible studies, or speaking at women’s retreats. The focus of my ministry has seemed to shift lately, more toward a visual expression of my faith through art. For one, art is easier than writing. Especially when you add in my daily schedule of homeschooling two children at home. (Thank you, Lord, for summer break!)

My interest in art began with a desire to create a gift for a friend after a summer retreat. I wanted to make her something special to reinforce the message of the weekend and encourage her in faith. I started watching all kinds of mixed media tutorials online and pretty much took off from there.

I don’t make art for art’s sake. I make art to encourage women in faith. I hope to inspire you to meditate on God, the truths of your faith, and grow deeper in relationship to Him. Lately, this seems to be happening more in art than in writing simply because of the season I am in.

My friend Diana thought it would be helpful to know the “story behind the art”. I hope eventually to add little cards with every necklace or notecard I sell to explain the inspiration for each piece. There is a lot of care and significance packed into each one. She made a great suggestion that I hope to implement in the near future. For now, I include details like this in every listing in my Etsy shop .

Today, I am adding a new set of note cards to Etsy and some new necklaces. Here are some images and a little explanation behind each one:

card collage 3

Picture Collage Two

Take Heart/Faith card pack: Contains 3 cards of each design: “Take Heart” (Heart with Cross) and 3 “Faith” (Girl with Faith on her chest). On the inside, Take Heart has “Take heart, Daughter. Your faith has healed you”. Faith has “A small seed of faith moves mountains. Nothing is impossible with God”. There is only ONE pack of these left. Friends who have purchased them say they are even more beautifully vibrant in person. The messages in these cards are the core of Faith Miner’s Daughter. The main idea is take faith to heart and let God heal all your broken places. The Faith girl’s body is made to look like a mountain because she is what must be moved by faith, signifying growth, change, and healing.

Brave Girl/Look at the Birds card packs: Contains 3 cards of each design: “Brave Girl Moves Mountains” with inside message “A little faith can do big things”. “Look at the Birds” with inside message from Phil. 4:9, “God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus”. I have THREE sets of this card pack available. The Brave Girl follows the same theme of moving mountains and her body is also shaped to look like a mountain. Look at the birds is from Jesus’s teaching on the Sermon on the Mount (teaching on a mountain!). I chose the Philippians verse because I felt it encompassed His teaching and includes the words “glorious riches” – this is significant to the idea of God mining our hearts by faith and us receiving the lasting treasures of His grace and provision in Christ Jesus. This verse is a perfect illustration of Faith Miner’s Daughter.

Made New Necklace:


This one is inspired by my “Made New” original artwork. If you look closely around her head, you can see the words “Made New” and it looks as if butterflies are emerging from her on either side of her face and neck. This piece is inspired from 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”. The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly signifies the wondrous change in us in Christ Jesus.

Card packs are $12 + tax/shipping. Necklaces are $20 + tax/shipping. I do not charge shipping if you are local and can pick up your purchase (or I see you regularly and can bring it to you!). Please contact me to take out the shipping cost if this applies to you before you complete your purchase. Also, I had a request on necklaces. For some, the organza ribbon is not long enough. I do now have an optional 24″ vintage style antique bronze chain. Please note this in your purchase if you prefer that to the ribbon. I did include that option in the Made New Listing .

Visit me at Faith Miner’s Daughter .

Take heART!

<3 Robyn



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  1. Thanks for the great review, friend! I need to feature your comments in my shop. :) Love, Robyn

  2. I can attest that the cards and necklaces are beautiful. Although they are beautiful on the web site, you really have to see them in person to appreciate the colors and details of each. I have a necklace and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. I love to share what the meaning is behind it. I also have a set of the note cards and I can tell you there is nothing like them that I have seen in the card shops. I feel like I am sending out more than a card. :)

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