Windows of Hope

Hi friends! Thank you to everyone who responded to my collaboration with Eddie . Your kind words and prayers mean so much to us.  I was overjoyed this morning by my telephone conversation with him . Eddie received the picture of the finished Eagle. He was so encouraged to hear the wonderful responses. This, and several other key things in the last couple of days, has greatly uplifted his spirit. God is at work! He said in amazement, “Mom, I feel so close to God right now”. His comment was like salve to this mamma’s soul! I’ve been praising God for His great mercy is reaching out to Eddie once again. Surely we are being helped by your prayers…thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

You are NOT going to believe this, so I am going to show you. I finished another heART journal page this morning. Imagine my surprise when I turned to a new journal page and words like “Edward”, “son”, “far away, would one day return” started jumping off the page at me. It’s TRUE! God is so amazing! He Sovereignly directs every detail. This page was wonderful to create on the heels of our mother-son project. It brought me back to the past too. I recalled some previous times and prayers. God seems to be working them all together in His perfect way. I am feeling so full and blessed right now to be able to participate in His redemptive work in such a fun, creative way.

I started this journal page simply by using my left-over paint from other projects. Each day, I’d take my paint over – whatever color I had – and apply it to the page around the words. I started with black, which seemed rather appropriate. Don’t you think? Over time, I started to color box the words and this looked like windows to me. So, I used a small round brush dipped in some left over, watered-down  gesso and made little frames around the words. Here are some pictures of these steps:

PicMonkey Collage

This reminded me of an old post I wrote, the last time Eddie was in jail. He  had a teacher once who talked about “windows of opportunity” to reach him. Her words came back to me as I waited in the lobby of the jail for my first visit. Read my post, Windows for more about that time.

I used my black stabilo pencil and some gel pens – green, gold, and white – to draw details around the windows. Then I added some digital effects and a Bible verse to each one. I made two sets of “windows”, and sent both of these pictures to Eddie today. I think they turned out pretty cool. What do you think?
Window1-1Window2-3All of this became my prayer for Eddie this morning.  I was reminded of a poem by Amy Carmichael in her book Mountain Breezes :

Open Thy Windows

Open Thy windows, Lord, we pray;
Thou art as Thou wert yesterday.

Thou hast not brought us, Lord, so far
To leave us without pilot star.

Teach us to pray: our faith renew:
O do as Thou wont to do.

That we may work Thy will today,
Open Thy windows, Lord, we pray.

Under Thine opened heavens may we
Worship, adore, rejoice in Thee.

And dwelling in that shining place
Hear our Lord’s voice and see His face.

Let us keep praying for our lost loved ones. Lord, open Thy windows, we pray.  He has not brought us this far to leave us without pilot star. He is our Bright Morning Star. I pray He opens a window of hope inside every heart today.

Take heART!

<3 Robyn

6 thoughts on “Windows of Hope

  1. Thanks for rejoicing with me, Sue! It’s those small, seemingly insignificant ways, that God shows up and works most powerfully. I am grateful for the witness of His love once again to my son. :)

  2. That is so wonderful Robyn that Eddie is taking courage. I think support must be so important to him to feel like he’s not alone. In your art it looks like light is coming from the windows! Very symbolic.

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