Why a Challenge is a Good Thing

I like a challenge. I am one of those people who works well under a deadline. Call it years of corporate OJT (on-the-job-training). I’ve survived my share of last-minute changes and emergency fixes. I used to manage a helpdesk for crying out loud. Crisis management was our specialty. There is still a part of me that misses the call center environment. Most of you are like, “What?!” I know, I am a little odd.

But this is why I jumped at the chance to be part of the art101 challenge over the summer. I loved the idea of challenging myself to develop as an artist. And I loved getting to know the other artists in the group. I can say I have friends in low places – Australia, that is, and London, Aberdeen, the Netherlands, Germany, and plenty of places right here in the U.S. It has been a blessing getting to know each one and to encourage one another in our art. And collectively, we are pretty awesome! We regularly swap ideas, techniques, and all sorts of shop talk. What began as a challenge has become a community.

Today, the challenges ends. September 9th is day 101. Today, we stand on the other side and look back at our accomplishments….an amazing place to be! We’ve conquered many a mountain in overcoming personal fears, professional limitations, and technical how-to. The milestones are significant; the view from the summit is glorious! We did it! Today, we take time to celebrate our personal, and collective, progress. Congratulations, to each one who participated in the art challenge!

Briefly, I’d like to share my progress in review. First, I did actually make 101 pieces of art – counting the more than 40 necklaces I made plus journal pages, canvas pieces, cards, and visual/technical enhancements to my website and Etsy shop. But most significantly, I published my story, Faith Miner’s Daughter from Tough Girl to Treasure . I can’t adequately express what this means to me, but I give thanks and glory to my Father God for it!

I finished this 12×12 canvas yesterday:


DSCN4592crop She is called, “Garland of Grace”. I love her for many reasons, including the message she carries. She represents the progress I’ve made in painting and mixed media. Her eyes, hair, and mouth have details I couldn’t have done back in June. And I am totally loving that collaged and painted bird, representing the Holy Spirit of Truth who guides us in knowledge of the redemption we have in Jesus Christ. Something beautiful,, indeed.

I have also started to work on some Christmas projects. I am going to try to offer some Christmas cards. A friend recommended ornaments – I am looking into that but not making any promises. Lastly, I met a women who is in prison outreach ministry. She found my website through my post on Prison Fellowship . We’ve begun talking about a Christmas card/devotional outreach to all the women in the U.S. on death row, and possibly the men in California. I am actively discussing the details of this project, but so confirmed in the work I am doing. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be a message of hope to hurting people. Please pray for me in completing this work! Here are a few of the Christmas projects. One of them, “Joy to the World” 11×14 is available in my shop :




I once attended a training session about change and personal growth. The instructor said there are two mindsets that are most beneficial: a learning mindset and a challenge mindset. Our attitude in accepting the challenge plays a vital part in our ability to grow. We cannot overcome if we are too afraid to try. So, that thing you’ve always wanted to do but seems too big to even consider… that dream you’ve been holding in your heart that overwhelms you with where to start…just start. Begin, right where you are, and, little by little, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. It helps to have some friends to go along too! I am so glad I accepted the challenge this summer. Thank you, friends, for sharing in it with me. You’ve blessed me greatly in following my progress!

Now, back to real life….but a life that is richer, better, fuller than it was 101 days ago.

And a challenge to you: I am nearing the 200 mark on Facebook. This is a significant milestone I am aiming to reach, and I could use your help. If you haven’t already, please like my page , and share this post with friends. Who do you know that could use a little encouragement in faith, or some visual inspiration?? Please send them a link to this post, and encourage them to like my page . I am currently at 181 likes. I will give away an art print, card, etc. for every 5 likes to my page. Winners will be draw randomly from my likes.

186 likes: giveaway!

191 likes: giveaway!

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201 likes giveaway!

Accept the challenge, and help Faith Miner’s Daughter reach this next milestone!

Take heART, move mountains! :)


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  1. Nice to read about your story, your take on and achievements during the challenge. Congrats on finishing it and your progress as an artist.

  2. Beautiful! And congratulations on meeting the challenge. I too feel very thankful. What a beautiful community we have. All the best with reaching 200 likes, I’ll do what I can. Blessings!

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