Remember the Prisoner Birthday Blitz


Eddie and Mom, August 2014

One of the sad realities with prisoners is most of them feel forgotten. I talk to my son all the time on the phone, and he tells me story after story of inmates with little or no family contact. Guys who never receive a letter or have someone come visit them. For many, being in prison literally means being locked away from the rest of the world. Prison is not only a place of physical confinement, but also emotional isolation in being cut off from relationship.

All that being said, it is difficult to maintain relationship with a loved one in prison. You can’t relate to what they are going through, and it seems almost cruel to share what’s going on in your life with them. If Eddie calls me while I am cooking dinner, for example, I often feel guilty in telling him what we are having. Knowing the kind of food he has to eat everyday makes me feel like I am adding to his suffering in sharing our dinner menu. But I know this is not true. Eddie asks for simply daily things, like what we are eating, because that’s what makes him feel connected. It is an intentional effort to communicate with him, being sensitive yet generous in sharing my life with him.

Eddie’s 21st birthday is coming up on October 26th. I sent an email to friends and family asking them to send him a card or note. I am hoping to cultivate a “blitz” – an influx of cards to bless him and let him know he is not forgotten. For a prisoner, this is the best gift we can give them.

I hesitated about whether or not to share this request on the blog. Most of you don’t even know Eddie personally. But then I have been following another Christian author, Carol Kent , who also has a son in prison with a birthday coming up in October. Small world, eh? Carol put her son’s address out on Facebook for anyone who wanted to send a card. I thought, ‘How cool. If Carol Kent can do it, so can I’. I am just being funny about that, but in all seriousness, I am still learning how to communicate effectively on having a son in prison, and how that translates to my writing ministry. But I have generally found when you open your life to people, it makes them feel connected too. And knowing we are not alone in the real life struggles is important. This is a big part of what I hope to communicate through my writing. So, I guess it kind of makes sense to share my real life stuff on some level with you.

Now that I’ve given you the blow-by-blow of my logic for doing so, Eddie’s address is posted here, for anyone who wants to bless him with a card for his birthday. Thank you for helping me ‘remember the prisoner’.

Edward Moore 652923 14E/227T
P.O. Box 901
5701 Burnett Road
Leavittsburg, Ohio 44430-0901

Please note that Eddie is not allowed to receive stamps, cash, books, or anything else through the mail. If anyone has a desire to contribute something else to his needs, please contact me to discuss further.

I have several times felt the Lord prompt me with, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). Please know that your simple gesture of sending a card is doing the Lord’s work in ministering to those in prison. You bless God in blessing the prisoners. Carol Kent has created a ministry called Speak Up for Hope . They are doing some great work in getting prisoners access to greeting cards, and sending care packages to those with loved ones in prison, for anyone with further interest in prison ministry.

10 thoughts on “Remember the Prisoner Birthday Blitz

  1. Wow, Jaybird! I am moved that you would send a card all the way from Australia! He was been so amazed to receive a card from you! Yes, Mary pondered much in her heart….like the prophet Simeon told her when they presented Jesus at the temple, “and a sword will pierce your own soul too” (Luke 2). She was destined to experience the pain and heartbreak of motherhood.

  2. Hi Robyn

    So beautiful to read your blogpost today. I’ve jotted down Eddie’s details and hope to send him a card soon. (It is on my to-do list!) Hopefully it will reach him in time. Oh, a mother’s heart! Do they not break for our children? I’m often reminded of Jesus’ mother Mary, and how she ‘held such secrets in her heart’. Thanks so much for sharing. x

  3. I hope so, Iris! Thanks for your kind and helpful comments. You always have something encouraging to share, and I so appreciate that! And thanks for sending a card….all the way across the pond. :)

  4. You’re such an inspiration Robyn, talking about what is really important. There are so many taboos in society and I think when you’re talking so openly here about your son, you’re changing the world for the better. I will try and send him a card.

    Also when you talked about telling him things like what you’re having for dinner, it reminded me of a video I saw the other day where someone asked “Who am I to be happy, when there are so many people suffering in the world?” And the person answered “Who are you not to be happy? You denying your own happiness does not help the person suffering”. I learned a big lesson from this! Hope you find it helpful.

  5. I am so touched by this positive way to encourage Eddie. I am happy to send a card. :)Linda

  6. Lin, Thank you for writing and praying. I would be honored to pray for your son – what is his name? I would also send him a birthday card if you are willing to send me his address information. If you don’t want to publish that publicly, you can send me a contact form. If you go to and click the contact tab you can send me a note there that only I will see. I have been comforted many times in God’s heart for the prisoners. As painful at this is, we can “take heart” in knowing that God loves our sons and His hand is upon them – He is at work in their lives! I would love to stay connected. May I add your email address to my subscription list to receive new blog posts? God bless and keep you and your son. In His love, Robyn

  7. Hi Robyn,
    I ran across this post while I was having my time with the Lord this morning. My son also has an October birthday and is incarcerated. I certainly identify with all that you wrote, and have been writing several other inmates. Isn’t it wonderful as we read the Bible that God’s heart for the prisoner shines through?
    I am praying for you right now and also for your son, Eddie. I’ll be getting a card in the mail. Would you pray for my son,too? His birthday is October 30. He is 9 hours away so we feel that disconnect keenly. Lin

  8. Thanks, Sue! It means alot. :) I would sign your name and add (your mom’s art buddy) or something like that! He knows I have artsy friends online!

  9. Hi Robyn! Can’t imagine the heartbreak of having a son in jail or how lonely it would be to be the one in jail, but just know I’m praying for you in this and will send him a bday card! How should I sign the card? God bless!

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