One Small Step, One Giant Leap


Mundane faithfulness. This description of a life of faith has been turning in my mind. I can’t let go of it, or its implications. I first read it in a post from Ann Voskamp . She shared Kara’s story of living with cancer , and her letter to Brittany – another terminal cancer patient at the center of a life and death debate. The links share more of their stories. Read them when you have time. Contemplating hard things gives us perspective.

Kara’s blog is called, “Mundane Faithfulness”. The title is a reference from a quote, “What will you do in the days of mundane faithfulness?” (Martin Luther). Powerful question, if you let it settle on you. What will you do when your days run together? When there is no external motivation to get up and do hard stuff all over again. When today will likely be the same as yesterday, and the day before. When we forget this stability is really a gift, when it starts to feel like a burden. When we can hardly pull ourselves out of bed to do it all over again. What will you do….then?

Every life has peaks and valleys. I prefer peaks, but they are few and far between. Oswald Chambers says we are “made for the valleys”. He says this appetite for the mountaintop experiences of life is a flaw in our nature. Like Peter, we want to set up tents and camp out there awhile. And like Peter, we are headed back down the hill, “to the demon-possessed valley”; the “mean streets” and “days of drudgery”, as Chambers puts it. The valley is the arena of life, where faith is proven – pedal to the “mettle”.

I started a new Bible study yesterday. (If you are looking for a Bible study, click that link. It’s is a good one). Day 1 asked another powerful question, “Is the glory of God your supreme passion?” Supreme as in highest, passion as in desire. Is God’s Glory my highest aspiration and desire? Yes, I would say – sort of. I do want to please God and live for Him. I do see choices made in faith to steer my life to where God wanted me to be. Smack in the middle of the mundane. That part is a little sticky. The next question brought it home, “Does it (God’s Glory) define your goals, objectives, how you spend your time…..everything about you?” Everything about me? That’s a stretch. I am more mixed up than that. I could easily see the internal struggle between God’s glory, and my own. Glory thievery: I think it’s the same part of our nature that wants to live on the mountaintop. You know, where the exciting stuff happens. The thrill-seeking, glory-chasing kind of life. Except it’s an illusion. To quote Solomon, “Vanity, vanity…all is vanity….a chasing after the wind” (Ecclesiastes 1:2, 14).

Heaven is made for heroes of faith, not the vainglorious kind. Faith heroes are made in the valley. Broken, and remade – in the mundane. If God has called you to the tedious monotony of endless days, be encouraged. You are living in the valley – where God made you to live. And He is making you entirely His, for His glory alone, one small-step-giant-leap at a time.

Now, off I go to save the day! (A little humor for the hero in all of us). Let the mundane begin. The mountaintop is but a distant dream.