Feathers from my Nest

I borrowed the title of today’s post from a book Beth Moore wrote a long time ago. Like the book, this post is a collection of random things because it’s all I have time for today. I’ve got dinner in the crock pot and am headed out the door for a dental appointment with the kids soon. But before I go, a few quick floating thoughts to share…

Eddie has been receiving cards. Lots and lots of cards! I can’t express enough thanks to those who sent him a greeting for his birthday, which is this Sunday. He looks forward to the mail each day like a small child waiting for Christmas. He said he looked up the other day on his way back to his cell from “chow” (dinner) and noticed the changing color of the fall trees. It was the first time he noticed the changing season because of the way they shuttle them between the dining hall, recreation, and their cell block. He seldom looks up in the daily corral to notice. Thank you for taking the time to remind Eddie he is worth being remembered. That he is an individual who is prayed for and loved. Your cards have arrived in a grand foliage, adding color and beauty to his world. He has expressed his thanks to me several times, and plans to write all who provided a return address so he can thank you himself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for remembering Eddie with me!

The kids and I noticed a gathering of birds the other day in a tall tree near the shopping center where we had just parked and left the car. The birds were loud – making an almost creepy pitch (reminiscence of a dark science fiction movie where birds are not your friends). Chloe was fascinated to see so many birds together. She wondered aloud what they might be doing. She thought perhaps they were having a meeting, but then changed her mind, and thought they might be singing worship songs. I love kids. They say things you’d never even think. I loved the idea of considering these birds in worship. So we dubbed bird meetings of this kind, “bird church”. Be on the lookout for bird church near you. They are on the traveling Gospel circuit, you know.

Jamie has taken to singing worship songs too. The funny part is that he sings just enough of the right melody so you know what he is attempting, but the lyrics are always garbled. He’s quite amusing with his renditions. Yesterday, the song was, “Just say Jesus”. He couldn’t quite get the rest of it down, but he got that part – and that was the most important part. “When you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus”. We say Jesus a lot around here. This weekend I was reminded of a quote by Tullian Tchividjian. I call him T.T. because I can’t pronounce his name. I sound like Jamie when I try. Anyway, T.T. says that God allows suffering in our lives. He lets us cry, “Uncle!” so that we will cry, “Abba!” We have a choral round going at the breakfast table here. It sounds something like……Uncle…Abba…..Just Say Jesus!  I bet we sound like bird church to the neighbors. I lost my iPod over the weekend and have been lost in a cloud of grief over it. 600 songs…gone. I guess it all comes down to this one….Just Say Jesus!