Nothing is Wasted

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so it has been said. I happened by a gem, not long ago, driving through my own neighborhood. Now, I am not the type to pick through other people’s trash, but this…..this caused me to rethink things. I passed what appeared to be an art easel. A nice one, laying sideways near the curb. It was trash day, but apparently, the trash man did not take it. I assume because it is bulk pick up, and who ever put it there just sat it out with the regular trash. Bummer. Or as Batman said in the Lego move, “Darny. Darn. Darn”.

I said, lucky me! 

I initially kept on driving, but began to wonder as I rounded the corner. I decided I had to go back and at least look at it. I mean, it is an art easel, and I am an artist. Plus, I don’t have one. Those things are a chunk of change, you know what I’m saying?

So, I yelled to the kids, “Hold on!” and whipped around in a nearby driveway (not that I was in a super-hurry or anything). The kids were like, “What’s going on? What are you doing, Mom?” Their mystery turned to horror as Mom got out of the car and started rifling through the garbage. You should have seen their faces when I picked up the broken pieces and started loading them into the car. I have to at least try to fix it, I reasoned. Not that I know a hill of beans about how to do that. But I know people. I’ve got friends in carpentry places. So, I carefully slid it as far as I could into the trunk (Of course, this would be the day that I did not have my van so the thing did not fit all the way in) Yes, dear friends, I crept home, slow and steady, in broad daylight, in full view of the neighbors. I am not ashamed.

Here is what she looked like once I got her into the garage, broken into three pieces:


I sent a couple pictures to my friend, Susan. She and her husband, Chris, are really smart, D-I-Y. types. If anyone can fix this baby, it’s the two of them. She said, “Bring it on” so I drove it over to her house straight away. This time in my van, so it did fit. Not that I was worried about it, or anything.

I am not kidding, Chris had the thing fixed in like an hour. It seemed like it anyway. Susan practically called before I even got home. Ok, so not that soon….but he was quick. She said he had repaired it, and she was ready for pick up. And he didn’t even charge me – bless his heart!

Look at her now!


 Isn’t she a beauty? 

She’s been sanded down to make the repair, which only means one thing: I am going to have to paint her. Yay, me! Bonus! I am thinking a funky turquoise or something extra-artsy and fabulous. Just to think, she was on the curb not long ago,  a step away from ruin. Now, here she is! Salvaged. A whole new life with me in my make-shift studio. To celebrate, I painted a new 12×12 canvas last night, and snapped a picture on my fancy-schmancy easel. Check it out:

20150205_090219And I decided, because I now have an easel, I am going to buy a really BIG canvas to start painting on. Because I can…on my awesome new easel that will hold my GIGANTIC canvas in place. I think I shall stand over it with my palette, musing over my art, the way artists do and all. And every time I paint on her, she’ll remind me that no one and nothing is beyond repair. Redemption is possible for all. No matter how far gone we appear to be.

Which brings me back to the canvas I finished last night. I put a verse around the flower stems, and wrote it on the back so whomever purchases it will know:

20150205_090246Never give up on anyone. Bear, believe, hope, endure. They just may be the next rags to riches story around the corner. 

“It’s from the deepest wounds
That beauty finds a place to bloom
And you will see before the end
That every broken piece is
Gathered in the heart of Jesus
And what’s lost will be found again”
-Jason Gray



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  1. You are welcome, Judy! :) Did you receive your Beauty from Ashes print??? Wondered if you got it ok, and how you liked it!

  2. Robyn, what a beautiful story! The art is very beautiful too. But I love your words, and thank you so much for sharing some of Jason Gray’s lyrics.

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