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I caught the cold that’s been going around my house for weeks. The Puffs with lotion box is my constant companion this week. I will say, as far as colds go, it could be worse. The stuffiness is a major irritant, but other than that, I feel fine. I have energy and am doing life as usual. Except with Kleenex hanging out of my nose. Chloe says I look ridiculous. I say I am taking necessary measures.

So, well enough about that.

I am preparing for a couple more Take he(ART) parties. I have one tomorrow (another Rooted in Love) and then a large women’s retreat in early March. I just heard final count is 118 women!! This is very exciting, and a little overwhelming. I am doing everything I can to make it an easy and enjoyable process for everyone. Some friends were gracious enough to offer to come help. So, we will have trays of glue and paint coming around the room – a catered art party! I am so grateful for the opportunity and the help! I am preparing a message on “letting go”, which is the theme. I have been reading about David’s life in 1 and 2 Samuel. My first thought after praying about it, was David’s song, “You have set my feet in a spacious place”. I’ve set the project and the message up around the idea that “letting go” is a spacious place – God enlarges our hearts, minds, souls, and strength as we trust Him by faith.

Which brings me to scribbling. I am being totally serious when I say that scribbling is changing my life! I can’t believe the freedom I experience in scribbling in my painting. Another artist gave me a tip – it helps to have something in mind when you are writing, even if others can’t read it. Wow! This really worked for me. I have since incorporated some scribbling into nearly everything, including our “let go” project. I use scribbling there to show the movement of letting go. I can’t wait to lead 118 women to scribble! What joy!

Here is one of my recent scribble designs. I call it Golgotha:

2015-02-06 19.10.07

This began with some extra paint I rolled with a brayer onto watercolor paper. I liked the colors together and decided to drop some black india ink over it, and lifted by paper to let it run in different directions. From this, a clear Cross emerged. It reminded me of the Calvary hillside. So, I dropped some red acrylic ink and let it run down the Cross. After that dried, I added the scribbles. It says, “Golgotha. Man of Sorrows, Familiar with Suffering, we esteemed Him not” (ref. Isaiah 53).

I find such deep peace and satisfaction in painting. Especially, as a response to God. I have also been reading lately about the profound mystery, beauty and art in scribbling. The book is called, Scribbling in the Sand by Michael Card. It is about creativity and art. Specifically, the account in John 8 when the Pharisees accused an adulterous woman. Instead of answering the angry crowd, Jesus bent down and scribbled in the sand.

What?! Jesus is a scribbler!

Card says this, “Jesus’ action created a frame around the silence – the kind of silence in which God speaks to the heart. In short, it was a supreme act of creativity. It was art”. Wow. Just…Wow. This made me weep. The very idea of letting go in the creative process is to give ourselves permission to create the kind of space inside us to allow God to speak to us. There is mystery, beauty, romance involved. I have been saying to women that God woos us in the creative process. I see this in my own creative journey. I am humbled that God would chose ME to facilitate the creative process with other women. What an incredible honor, privilege, joy!

A few other, random updates. I have replenished the note card section of my shop. I introduced a new floral card pack , which includes three new cards along with two old favorites. Here are some pictures:



I also have Golgotha available as an unmatted 8×8 print ,


Even with my Puffs in hand, I managed to work on a new painting this week. She came together over several days, working mostly at night. She is larger on 16×20 canvas. I think I am going to keep this original for now. She needs to be in my art room. Plus, I am considering applying to a juried art show in August. If I take this step, I will need photos of my best work to enter. I think she is one of my best so far. I wrote, “Take Heart” in my own scribbly scrawl with a 20 gage fineliner (another life-changer….perfect for scribbling!) Here are a couple pictures of my new “Take Heart” girl (complete with Jamie’s ABC’s in the background):


I really like the half the face picture – like she is peeking in with a message. I made this my new cover photo on Facebook:

20150219_174703Take he(ART)!



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  1. As I walk out faith, I get the most excited about the application of God’s word to my life. I loved the (mental :)) picture you shared of letting go by planting our feet in God’s spacious place.

  2. Jackie, I am only a few chapters into the book, but am also fascinated by the topic of Jesus and creativity. If you pick up the book, I would love to talk about it with you! Maybe a good reason to schedule a coffee date! Robyn :)

  3. Am really intrigued by the Jesus scribbling comment! Every time I have heard a sermon on this story I have enjoyed moments of wondering what he wrote and what this act symbolized. Thanks for sharing the quote and I love Michael Card’s music so now have to look up the book!

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