Letting Go is a Spacious Place


Friday night was amazing on so many levels! What a tremendous blessing it was to speak to ladies about letting go in faith, and lead them in creation of an art project to go with the message. It was no small effort to gather and organize materials for 120+ women. Some wonderful friends came to help, which was a life saver. I couldn’t have pulled this off without them! Here’s a picture of my Take he(ART) crew:


We set up two stations, one on either side of the room, and split the 16 tables – 8 per side. We had everything staged in phases: background, painting, and finishing touches. Here are a couple of shots of one of the staging tables and the room:




I shared the message, “letting go is a spacious place” while the backgrounds were drying. I talked about surrender and suffering; how God uses these two together to re-shape us, and lead us into His Kingdom. I called them the “push and pull” of our faith. The “spacious place” is inside of us – I see it as making room for God in our own souls. Surrender is about getting over the “mountain” of self, opening your hand, and reaching for God in faith. I talked about suffering as the “wilderness”, where life doesn’t go as we planned, but that leads to an infinitely greater, more fulfilling life in Christ. I see the wilderness as the plain we cross out of the self-life and into the life hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3). I used the butterfly life cycle to talk about our “metamorphosis” of surrender —-> suffering —-> spacious place. Here is a picture of me giving the message:


The project went perfectly with the message. This is such a blessing to me – to think that each time the women look at their paintings they will remember some truth to encourage them to trust Christ at deepening levels. What a gift! I LOVE what I do! This is so far beyond my wildest dreams for my life.

It was a beautiful sight to see the whole room holding up their paintings. I was so blessed to see their creativity – so many unique, one-of-a-kind paintings. Here are some pictures of the ladies and their work:




I will be adding “Let Go” to the list of available themes for a Take he(ART) party. I am working on getting a new page up on my website for anyone interested in hosting a party. Details coming soon!

Take he(ART),


4 thoughts on “Letting Go is a Spacious Place

  1. Yes, Lin, I will pray for you in this. You are heralds of the Gospel of peace! I thank God for the opportunities He gives to be carriers of hope and light in the darkness. Thank you for rejoicing with me in what God is doing in my take heART ministry…all glory to Him! Safe travels this weekend, Robyn

  2. I am sitting here rejoicing at the beauty of the fruit God has brought from your own suffering, Robyn. I am traveling to visit our son this weekend and another inmate and his family. Asking that The Lord will be glorified and that we might be messengers of reconciliation for this family. Will you pray for us?

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