Artistic Unfoldings

So much has been happening on the art side of things. I’ve been so busy creating that I haven’t stopped to say much about it on the blog. Today, I wanted to give you an update on some recent artwork, and tell you why I am SUPER-excited about it!

There’s been a recent “advent” in developing my artistic style. The idea of having a “style” has been somewhat elusive to me. I like the openness of mixed media, and generally prefer to try new things. I get bored easily, and have trouble sticking with one medium or method. This is problematic to developing a style because it never allows us to stick with something long enough to learn – really learn – about ourselves.

All of this changed when I decided to purchase an online class about working in a series. The link will take you to more about the class, and the teacher (who is awesome, btw). The class was to create ten 10×10 canvases in 10 days. You pick a theme, color palette, and general supply list, and then use these same materials in different combinations for all 10 canvas. I’ve got to admit I was over it by canvas #6. It took a significant effort for me to refocus and push myself to continue all the way through to the end. But I am SO glad I did. The breakthroughs came in the last grouping. For one thing, I learned that I absolutely love azo gold. I think it is officially my new favorite color. I might put gold on everything from now on. :)

But seriously, I learned more about combining color and textural elements than I ever could have imagined I would. I started to notice my preferences and artistic choices. And I learned something else MAJOR. Collage is my thing. I love adding layers with different materials to change the texture. I made a moon on #8, “Nightfall”, with scrapbook paper, tissue papers, glue, glitter, and acrylics that I absolutely adore! Did I mention that I love that moon? Is it normal to get so excited over a paper moon?  I don’t know, but I am so excited I just can’t hide it! Collage makes me happy. Very, very happy. The joy of the collage sunrise on #9, “Horizon”, smiles at me every morning from my art room.

If you haven’t signed up to work on a series, do it! It is so worth the investment. Here is a picture of 9 out of 10 of my canvases in my “Wilderness” Series:


Titles of each canvas, starting in the top left corner:

#1 The Wilderness
#2 The Mountain
#3 Thirst
#4 Desert Years
#5 Thorn of Affliction
#6 Vast Emptiness
#8 Nightfall
#9 Horizon
#10 The Summit
(Note: #7 fit the least with the series, so I opted not to include it with the grouping. It is entitled “Healing Rain”).


Close up of my paper moon, # 8, “Nightfall”


My smiling sunrise, #9 “Horizon”

So, now, I’ve been dreaming in collage. Literally. I want to collage everything. I started a new art journal specifically for collage work. I woke up last week wanting to attempt a collage Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. This seemed a bit ambitious, even to me. A moon and sunrise hardly qualify me to collage people, especially Our Holy Savior. But the idea was so strong, I had to at least try. This is where the REAL breakthrough happened. I didn’t know I could create something like this. There is so much symbolism in the layers. For example, I have an olive branch on the top left, symbolizing His location in the Mt. of Olives. I have a clock face on the top right, symbolic of the “hour has come”. On his chest is the Cross and it says, “Jesus, of God” in some of the papers. It’s like Jesus is looking to His Father, receiving His final charge. I originally was going to call it, “Gethsemane” but “The Hour Has Come” is growing on me. Here are a couple of pictures. The first shows the first layer of collage. It is amazing to me that papers arranged, light and shadow, could become a face…a beautiful face fixed on the Father in Heaven. His eyes say it all. I am absolutely thrilled with this collaged Jesus!



And finally, below is one more collage page from yesterday. I recently learned raffia makes an awesome and realistic bird nest! A happy little nest to celebrate spring and the resurrection life we have in Christ:


To summarize my artistic advice: work in a series, collage everything, and use gold…lots and lots of azo gold! :) Have a great week, friends.

Take he(ART),