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Everybody needs a pair of boots like these. I get happy just putting them on. I look forward to rainy days now because I never want to miss an opportunity to wear my fun boots. :) I’ve been taking a painting class a lot like my boots. Just pure fun. The class is aptly called, “ Happy Painting” . The link will take you to it, and more about the artist, Juliette Crane , if interested.

It’s called a mini class because it is five videos of Juliette working on paper or in her journal. We watch whenever we want (life time access) and then “turn loose” on our own work of art. I have really enjoyed the freedom of putting layers down without rhyme or reason to see what kind of characters emerge. Juliette is known for her whimsical, child-like characters. She makes the most adorable bears, owls, and lions. It has been fun to experiment with something a little outside my usual box. I really like her use of collage, and her face colors. She has helped me with letting go, being more loose, not worrying about mistakes. And I am learning some things about painting and myself along the way. I really love the bleeding art tissue paper. This stuff is awesome for collage. Some of the color bleeds off when you paint over it, you get beautiful vibrant shades and can combine to “mix” and make new colors. Fun stuff. Makes me happy – like my rain boots!

Today, I am sharing some of the artwork I’ve created out of the class, along with some commentary on each piece.


My take on a bear couple from lesson 2. I call this, “Your love is a shelter”. First attempt experimenting with watercolors as a layer in the faces. Love this combined with the shiva oil sticks . You can get a lot of depth in no time.


I call this one, “free spirit”. It started with a collage word on her body that says, “eagle”. Look at the top near her left shoulder. She reminds me of the freedom and renewal we have in Christ. I love her colorful, playful dress. She has been the most popular when shared with the painting group online. I framed her and hung in the kid’s bathroom upstairs.


This girl is my absolute favorite! Her body has words about contemplation and perception. She is looking down, imagining what it would be like if she could fly. I adore the uneven wings I added, which are imagined as she is thinking on this. There is something so sweet and childlike about her. Maybe she reminds me of me as a child. I have always been a bird watcher, and had a wild imagination. I had her matted and framed and put her up on my mantle.


This is the first layer of an owl. I wanted you to see the collage. Owls were not one of the lessons from class, but I applied the materials and techniques. I actually did two different owls….this one was the second one. I learned that I love washi tape branches from this one! Here is the finished owl:


Love the text nose too!


This one is another favorite in the online group. I love their dresses! They look like costume princess dresses. The small yellow one flairs out like a tutu. This reminded me of the movie, Peter Pan. My daughter, Chloe, loves that movie. In one scene, all of the children close their eyes and say, “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do” to help Tinker Bell overcome the poison she drank to save Peter Pan from Hook. I added those words around the girls, along with small yellow dots…could be stars, could be pixie dust. Who knows? But I love them! They remind my of my daughter and watching Peter Pan together (over and over). :)


Chloe laughs at me because every piece I create becomes my “new favorite”. This is my favorite right now. She is a journal page from over the weekend. My kids found a baby bird on Saturday evening in the yard. He was hopping around chirping; seemed unable to fly. This inspired my page, which is a girl peeking in on a bird from among the flowers. Another washi tape branch….awesome! This picture doesn’t show the whole page…the orange flowers extend to the other side, so it looks like the girl is hidden in a field of orange. The collage words left uncovered on the page are “a picture of” and “a young child”. This is in a coffee table book I picked up on clearance that I am turning into an altered book/journal.

These next two pieces were my applying the techniques from class in creating mountains and trees. I love how the collage came together on both of these. I see future themes emerging for Take He(art) parties with these!



And last, but not least, here is a rainy day girl that I created yesterday.


She started out with extra paint flowers all over the background. Eventually I started to see a big floppy hat emerging and decided to make her standing in the rain. I scratched rain drops in the shiva oil stick background with a wooden skewer (yes, like the kind you grill with!) I learned I love the look of this too….adding layers of background, then using the oil sticks on top. When you scratch over, it reveals the color and pattern underneath. If you look back up through the others, you will find this same technique for feathers and even writing.

My rainy day girl needed a sentiment. I thought she looked happy, even playful in the rain. I decided on Queen Elsa’s famous line, with a small change, “The rain never bothered me anyway”.


The only thing she needs now is a pair of boots like mine. :)  Hope my artwork has brightened your day.Here is to making rainy days more fun with happy paintings…and boots. Everyone needs the boots.

Take he(ART),



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