Shop Local This Summer

Finally, friends, we’ve reached SUMMER! I am elated to say we have completed another year of home schooling here, by the grace of God, and we are looking forward to some free time in the coming months. One of my goals the last few summers has been to do some gardening with my kids. Now, what do I know about gardening? Not much! I got an adorable book from the library, “Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots”. Is that not the cutest book title ever? It has the most adorable garden plans, like a pizza patch, and a sunflower house. Things that would be so much fun with kids, absolutely beautiful, … and entirely beyond my gardening abilities. I considered attempting one of these designs for about a minute before I returned to my senses. This is progress for me. To know your limits is a milestone, friends. :) Seriously, it feels good to make realistic, guilt-free choices. And, so, based on those, I decided on container gardening. We simply loaded up at Walmart on a few plants: tomato, peppers, rosemary, cilantro, thyme, etc. Then came home, planted them in pots, and there you have it, instant garden! The kids enjoyed potting our plants, and they are great helpers to remember the watering! Here’s Jamie hard at work in our garden:


IMG_20150523_163434He takes his job very seriously.

We also celebrated the end of the year with a trip to the zoo. Here is a close encounter we had with an orangutan:


And a front row view of a mama Robin feeding her babies. She was in a tree out front of the zoo, while we waited in line. So sweet to watch her close up:


11351214_833392200030763_5456054906488715570_nBut my favorite were the giraffe. They inspired this guy after we got back home:


This one sold soon after I posted it, to someone as a nursery gift. I am excited to think my giraffe will help decorate a baby’s room. :)

Our summer is off to a sweet start. How about yours? I look forward to the downtime, but also time to regroup on Faith Miner’s Daughter. It all gets a little sketchy in the busyness of life. There are two important updates I am excited to share with you today!

Faith Miner’s Daughter has joined the Crafthouse

It is hard to get exposure living in a small town. I was so excited to hear about the opening of a new local business, The Crafthouse , and so I went to check them out. The owner graciously offered me the opportunity to rent shelf space there to display and sell my work. This is an exciting development, to know people can go into an actual store front and buy my art…right here in town! The Crafthouse is located at 412 N. Main Street, next to the Sweet Treat Bake Shop, across from Studebaker’s restaurant. Business hours are Monday-Friday 9 am – 5 pm, and Saturdays 8 am to noon. I have a variety of things for sale: originals, prints, and cards. Please stop in and check it out, and spread the word!

Take He(ART) Party: New Themes Available

I have been working hard to expand my offerings for the Take he(ART) parties. This is the option locally for you to host an art party. I will bring everything needed for you and yours friends to complete a mixed media piece. I bring the art and a message of encouragement. I created a “ “Host a Take HeART party ” page (the link will take you to it). The page lists each theme with pictures, links, and information. There are three main themes that I have done with a group, and, just today, I added six BRAND NEW themes. I call them “in development” because they have not been attempted yet with a group. Your group could be the first! Check out my page to see all the themes. I also appreciate referrals to friends who enjoy the “pay to paint” places, and/or host women’s events such as small groups, or retreats. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy Summer, friends!