Summer Savings and Something to Think About


The street faire was awesome last week! I received many positive, affirming comments about my art. Plus, had a few sales and some interest in hosting take he(ART) parties. Thanks to everyone for your support, and for those who came to visit. :) I am doing it again next month. Saturday, Sept. 12th 10-5 in Waynesville on Main Street. Mark your calendar! Last one of the season.

I decided after I got home, I needed to take the step to load all my art onto my online shop. I’ve been working on that for days – taking pictures, editing, and posting. I have accumulated so many originals. It is crazy. I am an art-making machine. Come see for yourself. You can view on either my Shop page or go directly to my Etsy shop . Hope you’ll take a minute to check them out!

I added a special coupon code for you: SUMMERSAVINGS. Enter the code on your orders to receive 10% off your total purchase now through 8/31. And local friends, don’t forget to enter: FRIENDSSHIPFREE to avoid the shipping charges if you live close enough to pick up your purchase.

The end of the summer has got me purging and preparing for another homeschooling year with the kids. I am teaching art at our co-op this year. I’ve been dreaming (literally) about my projects, making mental notes on teaching points, supplies, etc. But this summer I took the time to complete a 10-week Beth Moore study with the ladies from church, and I am SO glad I did. I usually stay so busy with life that I don’t take the time for that kind of thing – especially in the summer. But it was so cathartic to me personally in growing my faith, and working through some of my “stuck” places. Plus, the gift of friendship I found in these women. We laughed about the silliest stuff. There was something so refreshing to be able to move fluidly from serious to silly and back again. We were just real with each other, a rare and beautiful thing. It reminded me of a quote by Howard Hendricks, who said, “every one needs a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy”. Paul represents that person in your life to whom you look for spiritual leadership. Barnabas is your best buddy, someone who is tracking right with you in life. And Timothy is the person to who you are a “Paul”. My summer study had all three, and it was wonderful. It got me thinking about you – wondering how connected you are to others? We need each other on this faith journey through life.

Who is your Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy? Can you identity someone for each?  A good thing to think on, so I’ll leave you to it. :)

Take heart,


5 thoughts on “Summer Savings and Something to Think About

  1. Silvia, we did Jesus the One and Only. Follows Jesus through the Gospel of Luke. :-)

  2. Thank you for that question. It makes my heart ache, but at the same time a much needed check.

    What Beth Moore study did you do?

    Glad to hear about your beautiful art being well received.

    Love always,

  3. So glad you were a part of the study this year! It wouldn’t have been the same without you! What a great joy!!

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