The Mathematics of Grace

It’s no surprise to me that “Math” is a 4-letter word. This is what I am thinking right now as I wait “patiently” (or not) for Chloe to get done with the second of three Math reviews to finish our school year. Yes, THREE. Who needs THREE reviews to end a school year? No one ever, that’s who. For the love of all things bright and beautiful, what are you thinking, Singapore Math? Keep your superior mathematical practices. Seriously, I am ok with the dumbed down American version. This is brutal. Torturous. And I am totally over it. Math. Sheesh. Die already.

Now, I am the teacher. In theory, this means I could do something to alter the schedule. I could abbreviate the Math lesson, or chuck it altogether. Right? Wrong. See, I am the teacher who feels chained to complete the curriculum just as it is written…in its murderous fullness. I toy around with the notion that I have more freedom than that. After all, this is homeschool. Right? Wrong. Today, as I listen to the snap-pop-crackle-hiss of my last nerve endings mocking at me, I must face the truth. I am slave to the schedule. Unremittingly so.

Thank you, Jesus, for lunch breaks and sunshine, or we would be doomed. I am hopeful review number two will go down in the books after we refuel. And that leaves ONE more between us and summer. Bring it, Math. You are going down!

I think we are close enough to the finish line now to thank God for His grace to get us through another year of homeschooling. And to answer the question, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”? Umm…No.  At least not in &^%! Math. Now that we have that all out in the open, I may as well ask for prayer, because Chloe will begin the 6th grade in the fall. 6th grade!? Middle school. I am not ready for junior high. Can you imagine the end of year reviews? Good grief, each day has enough evil of its own.

It is funny how quickly we’ve found ourselves here. I remember when I started homeschooling – 6 complete years ago! I have almost been homeschooling for 7 years! That is unbelievable. People always ask me, “How long do you plan to homeschool?” And I always answer, “We are taking it year by year”. I guess this many years into it, I have to admit we are in it for the long haul. I am always amazed at how God helps us. His grace abounds more. He truly is all-sufficient. Even more than enough to get this frayed mama and student to the end of Math yet again. Nothing short of miraculous.

1 + 1 = Grace wins, every time. Oh, my friends, I intend to soak up every mathless ray of His matchless grace this summer. Not a gloomy word problem in the sky. :)

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  1. LOVE THIS! If I knew how to put emoji’s on here it would be full of them! LOVE THE SUMMER!!

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