He’s Home and Has a New Name!

It is with great joy that I announce little “Mickey” is now home and officially a U.S. citizen. He officially became an O’Brien the moment the plane touched down on U.S. soil. They flew home last Friday/Saturday, arriving in Cleveland late Saturday night. I had the pleasure of sharing in their journey through online updates and photos during the past few weeks while Scott and Paula were in China.

“Mickey” is an absolutely delightful boy. His smile radiates joy and those dimples – oh my! He has made his way into all of our hearts! Scott and Paul announced his new name from China. It is a privilege to be able to introduce Charles “Charlie”  ChenDong O’Brien, or “Charming Charlie” as his parents dubbed him….and you can see why!





1st Happy Meal – not too sure about it!


Welcome home, Charlie! <3