My First Ever heART Video!

I am celebrating a new milestone today! I released my first ever art journaling video in a free online class called, A Thing Called Love. My friend and group organizer, Brandi , asked me to be a guest teacher which led to me finally dabbling in recording, lighting, editing, etc. I learned so much through the process and am exciting about where this is heading!

My dream is to have an art journaling channel stocked with devotional art videos, set to music and Scripture. I LOVE the idea of doing something fun with a group AND encouraging others in faith at the same time! I also love the freedom and flexibility recording and editing gives me. It’s so much more doable for a busy homeschooling mom like me. I can record in the evenings and then edit as long as it takes. My house is too crazy to record live audio. My husband and kids were yelling, asking me questions, and all kinds of stuff while attempting to record this first video. But I learned about this magic little feature where you can make the audio portion silent and record voice-over commentary to go with the your video. I also learned how to speed up and time the video to go with the music. Fun, fun stuff! I am just a little excited about it (can you tell??)!!

Here are a couple pictures of my studio set up with my brand new gigantic lighting and my slightly genius camera mount. I took a microphone stand and weighted it with sandbags at the bottom. I bought this AWESOME gadget for ten bucks called a super clamp. It screws in the camera and then attaches to the pole of the mic stand. It worked beautifully! And the best part is I already had the mic stand and sand bags. Win-win. :)

17796142_1276464369056875_9092153117317782847_n17800258_1275556065814372_8563957831472380144_n My lesson is sunflowers – one of my favorite subjects to paint! The word “sunflower” was on my page which seems like a perfect match for the video. I paired it with the song, “Beautiful Things” which I totally love anyway, but even more with the painting and the message it contains. Here’s a close up of the flower with the word in the center:


And here is the video!! Enjoy!!

Art for Adoption

I am SO excited to announce something NEW God has put on my heart! I am calling it “Art for Adoption”. I recently learned a staggering truth: there are 153 million orphans in the world. 153 million. Isn’t that hard to get your mind around? It was for me too, until recently. Numbers don’t have faces, but children do. For each one of those numbers, the heartbreaking reality is there is a real child without a mother, father, home, or family. We have a couple in our congregation who adopted a little boy from China last year. Knowing them, and little Pacey’s story, has personalized this worldwide crisis for me. John and Jessi shared the statistics with us, but they did something more. They brought pictures and stories of real orphans and asked us to pray for them by name. I met Millie that day, an 11 year old orphan in China. Her picture is still on my refrigerator, her plight still burns in my heart. My husband and I were deeply moved to help bring orphans into families, but how? Like anyone we asked, “What can we do?” in response to such a huge problem.

And then God said, “Sell your art and give the money to families in process of adoption”. Like most artist-types, I make a lot of art. Much of it is sitting in my dining room. It seems such a small thing to do, and was an obvious first step to take. I spoke with Jessi and we decided to start small and see what God does. She helped me identify a local family in process of adoption, The Schaadt family. I created a Facebook group called, Art for Adoption (click the link to go to it).

Meet the Schaadt Family and Nyah:



Hi, we are the Schaadt family from Springfield, Ohio! We, (Michael and Erin,) have been married for 12 years, and have three, almost four children! Grady, our biological son is 7, Hendrix, our adopted son is 4, and Reiner our biological daughter is also 4. Nyah, the newest soon to be member of our family will be turning two at the end of February! We knew in 2012 that adoption was to be the way we were to expand our family. We brought Hendrix home to join us in November 2014. We received Nyah’s file in June 2015, and knew she was to be a Schaadt as well! Our dossier has been sent to China, and we are working on the final few months of processing before we travel! We are hoping to be forever united with our sweet girl in April 2016.

*** 100% of the proceeds made for the next month will go directly to The Schaadt’s Family adoption fund to help bring home Nyah!!***

Do not despise small beginnings! Every dollar counts. I listed the first group of art on auction TODAY, the auction will close Thursday at 10 am.

And I just HAVE to share some amazing things God is already doing with this small step. I just created the group on Friday, and we already have over 200 members on Monday, even before I listed the first piece of art. THEN, this morning I got a call from a woman with an art gallery in Troy . She asked if I would like to be their featured artist in a gallery show in February/March. She had a last-minute cancellation and has a spot to fill, and then came across my group, which gave her the idea. She is willing to waive all fees and commissions, so 100% of every sale will go directly to the Schaadt family. She asked me for an image and bio so she can advertise in the Dayton papers!

Can you believe God? Just like that, I am going to have a gallery show.

Are you serious???

She said there will be an opening reception on February 17th in the evening. You know, when the featured artist (ME!)  mingles with the gallery guests to discuss the inspiration for my art, how I started painting, my creative process, etc etc. Yada yada, Get out of town?!

For real.

I will post more details as this exciting leap of faith unfolds, and I would LOVE it if you would come to my opening reception!! For today, please pray for the Schaadt family, Nyah, and this God-inspired little initiative that could. Isn’t it amazing how God multiples are meager offerings???

Beyond our wildest dreams.

Books + Painting, A Local Opportunity

I love the library. It’s one of my favorite places on earth. I have a book problem. Too many books, not enough time. Books are my favorite. I have right now, at this moment, bookmarks in at least 6-10 books around my house. I’ve lost count. Some I may never finish. I am a good starter, not such a good finisher. I tell my family I would work at the library…for fun. Maybe I will someday. Either there, or Hobby Lobby. Who knows? But I do know I’d have more money if I worked at the library. I’d work at Hobby Lobby not only for fun, but for free, because I’d spend all my money there. Back to the library, so I can afford groceries in retirement. :)

I was thrilled to be asked to teach a mixed media class at the library. How perfect: book and painting. Two of my passions. Does it get better? What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I will be there painting a lovely ocean theme inspired by the verse “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). I will be cultivating a devotional mood in a quiet corner, away from the busy fray of life. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Here is a sample canvas panel of the same theme:


Doesn’t look too intimidating, right? I will lead through it step-by-step. If books and painting sound like your kind of day, come join me! You’re my kind of people. The class is October 17th from 1-4 pm at the New Carlisle Library . Cost is $20, which includes all supplies needed to make your own mixed media masterpiece. Sign up at the library, advance registration and payment are required. Come away with me to the ocean; be still when the world is loud.

Take heART,






The Last Street Faire of the Summer + New Art


I will be at the Waynesville Street Faire again tomorrow, Sept. 12th from 10-5 – rain for shine. This is the last one of the summer, so don’t miss it! I have lots of original art, some prints, notecards, and necklaces. Bring this coupon for special savings, and bring a friend.


Some of you asked me about the location. It is in Waynesville, off of St. Rt. 73. Here is an address you can look up for driving directions: 97 S. Main Street Waynesville, OH 45068. Hope to see you there!

Here are a few of my recent artworks from this week. I share these on Instagram and Facebook . Follow me in those places for more current updates on new art.

IMG_20150910_224116I just posted her last night. She is called, “Child of Light”. I so love her sweet face! She is in pretty pastel colors and background, a lovely, serene picture of childlike faith.


She was earlier in the week, but I just love her too! She is called, “Fan into Flame”. She has the word, “love” on her forehead, and the words, “burns deep as fire…ignite…passion….fan into flame O breath of God” around her head, and in her fire-red hair that seemed appropriate for the sentiment.


I can’t even tell you how many attempts I’ve had at making a lighthouse that doesn’t look “girly”. This one makes me so happy! I am using this in my art class at our homeschool co-op, teaching Jr. high/high school girls and boys mixed media. I think the guys will appreciate my effort to make something they actually might want to make themselves. :) We are doing an ocean theme. The inspiration for this one is the Rend Collective song, “My Lighthouse”. Class starts Monday….can’t wait to get started!

Have a blessed weekend. Hope to see some of you tomorrow at the Street Faire!

Take he(ART),


Summer Savings and Something to Think About


The street faire was awesome last week! I received many positive, affirming comments about my art. Plus, had a few sales and some interest in hosting take he(ART) parties. Thanks to everyone for your support, and for those who came to visit. :) I am doing it again next month. Saturday, Sept. 12th 10-5 in Waynesville on Main Street. Mark your calendar! Last one of the season.

I decided after I got home, I needed to take the step to load all my art onto my online shop. I’ve been working on that for days – taking pictures, editing, and posting. I have accumulated so many originals. It is crazy. I am an art-making machine. Come see for yourself. You can view on either my Shop page or go directly to my Etsy shop . Hope you’ll take a minute to check them out!

I added a special coupon code for you: SUMMERSAVINGS. Enter the code on your orders to receive 10% off your total purchase now through 8/31. And local friends, don’t forget to enter: FRIENDSSHIPFREE to avoid the shipping charges if you live close enough to pick up your purchase.

The end of the summer has got me purging and preparing for another homeschooling year with the kids. I am teaching art at our co-op this year. I’ve been dreaming (literally) about my projects, making mental notes on teaching points, supplies, etc. But this summer I took the time to complete a 10-week Beth Moore study with the ladies from church, and I am SO glad I did. I usually stay so busy with life that I don’t take the time for that kind of thing – especially in the summer. But it was so cathartic to me personally in growing my faith, and working through some of my “stuck” places. Plus, the gift of friendship I found in these women. We laughed about the silliest stuff. There was something so refreshing to be able to move fluidly from serious to silly and back again. We were just real with each other, a rare and beautiful thing. It reminded me of a quote by Howard Hendricks, who said, “every one needs a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy”. Paul represents that person in your life to whom you look for spiritual leadership. Barnabas is your best buddy, someone who is tracking right with you in life. And Timothy is the person to who you are a “Paul”. My summer study had all three, and it was wonderful. It got me thinking about you – wondering how connected you are to others? We need each other on this faith journey through life.

Who is your Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy? Can you identity someone for each?  A good thing to think on, so I’ll leave you to it. :)

Take heart,