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Welcome to my he(ART) gallery!

I hope something here connects with you, encouraging you in faith. Art is good medicine; nurturing to the soul and healing to our hearts. I pray my art speaks to you of God’s goodness and glory. He is an Amazing Father! Our faith is a life journey lived in response to His miraculous, redemptive love.


“Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” He said, “your faith has healed you.” -Matthew 9:22

Come visit my shop Faith Miner’s Daughter to see the whole collection, or click links below to go to directly to the piece pictured. 

   Spirit Led , 8×8 Fine Art Print


Aslan , 8×10 Fine Art Print


Song of Heaven, 8×8


Dance of the Fireflies, 10×10 


Art for Justice  Join the fight against human trafficking

Fine art prints and note cards available

Notecards Beautiful, original art now available in personal note cards. A unique and inexpensive way to bless others.



 Necklaces make great gifts. Several different designs available.


 Fine Art Prints Now Available


Looking for a unique gift?

14289592_15854563-caseiphone5_biPhone cases


throw pillows


and tote bags now available. Visit my page on Society 6 to see the different products available.




10 thoughts on “Shop my heART Gallery

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  4. Dear Ms. Terry,

    I just found your beautiful web site while searching for art connected with Matthew’s Gospel (6:24-34). I am the Director of Faith Formation at St. Peter Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One of my responsibilities is producing a weekly bulletin for our community. I would like to share your painting “Look at the Birds!” on the cover of our March 2nd bulletin. It beautifully and perfectly captures that Sunday’s Gospel message–and our parishioners would so enjoy it. I would of course attribute your art and reference your wonderful web site. You may write to me at the email address given. Thank you for sharing your faith and art. Bob Flaherty

  5. Hey Mom, I finally got around to reading your blog it’s amazing I liked the paintings so much that I saved all of them to my phone. Since I have an iPhone now I can add ur blog whenever I want. I set ur blog to my home screen for my Internet Thanks Mom for all ur inspiration. I am done letting u down. I love u. And I hope that God blesses u for all u do not only for me but for everyone

  6. Thank you, Silvia! Right now, I give them away as gifts and post online….we will see what God does!

  7. I think your art and messages are saleable. You could turn them into cards like Carol Teilhet and bless others.

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